I thought I'd change up this section a little bit and just throw 15 random facts at you! :) 

1. Dachshunds are probably my biggest obsession and I cannot wait to get one one day!
2. Spicy food is my favourite, I literally add pepper/chilli to everything I eat
3. At one point in my life I want to live in the country, I love the thought of stepping out the house and having miles and miles of fields on my doorstep :)
4. 'You be the Anchor that keeps my feet on the ground' by Mayday Parade is quite possibly the only song I never got sick of.
5. I am originally from Vienna but have been wanting to live in England since I spent 3 weeks in Brighton when I was 15.
6. I would love to work on a farm for a month just to experience a completely different lifestyle
7. Series like PLL or Gossip Girl have never really interested me, but I love watching reality shows like Germany's next Topmodel
8. I have never been out of Europe but am hopefully going to New York in 2016!
9. Moving to Southampton to go to Uni was probably the best decision I have ever made :)
10. Flying creatures (e.g. birds and grasshoppers) scare me a lot
11. When I was a toddler I lived in Wimbledon for 6 months and now wish that we had never moved back to Austria
12. I love the atmosphere of bookshops but I hardly ever read anymore
13. After 2 years of having my licence, driving still scares me and I will most likely choose to take a train rather than the car
14. I hated school with a passion, but enjoy Uni a lot!
15. I am awful at making decisions and will always leave them to someone else if I can

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  1. cool! It is great to see something new, I like the changes. I guess it's still going to be "floral chaos" which is no biggie I liked it since I saw it. The random facts was a wonderful idea, I've never heard anybody being afraid of birds, guess we learn something new everyday. keep up the marvelous blogging skills.